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Hadassah is a neo-soul singer and songwriter from Long Island, New York. Her music delivers an experiential story while fusing jazz, soul, and R&B on a minimalist backdrop.

Hadassah started singing from a young age, keeping a diary of songs she would write. After completing a Bachelor’s degree, she chose to return to her passions and commit to music entirely, releasing three EPs, Lexicon of Love, Lead Balloon and Oakmere Drive. Following her mother’s death, she delved deeper into her art and released her latest EP, Oakmere Drive, earlier last year. The EP is laced with nostalgic undertones, combining dark stories with beautiful musical aesthetics and imagery. True to her artistry, Oakmere Drive is a play with duality, of light and dark, balancing heavy themes with minimalist vibes paralleled with a muted melancholic rhythm.

For Hadassah, music is a journey, both meditative and self-empowering, with every song creating a visual story. She will be releasing her latest EP Flexinmydemons on Janurary 12th. This EP focuses on toxic love, and accepting the love you feel you deserve because of lack of self love. The project is reflective and healing. 

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Girl with Pink hair who sings about her feelings <3
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